The history of Pagani family in ceramics began in 1965 by the mother Helen Pagani, when she created the  ceramics laboratory. The laboratory had flourished and enjoyed great recognition while held exports.

The Pandrossou store founded in 1987, investing not only on the mother’s production but also on other items of Greek folk art.

Since its establishment ,pgi PAGANI constantly upgrades its products and services with respect for tradition and always protecting the Greek and handmade product.


“Growing up next to Helen, her passion and dedication to the art of ceramics, in which she dedicated an entire life, have taught us many priceless lessons. We work exclusively with Greek artists. We choose only handmade products, small productions from Athens and the rest of Greece. Our goal is the promotion and enhancement of modern Greek handmade artistry ” as characteristics stated by Natassa and Stathis Pagani , second-generation professionals and current owners of the business.

Natassa Pagani

Natassa Pagani

Stathis Paganis

Stathis Paganis




Eleni Pagani

Eleni Pagani

The pgi PAGANI collection includes signature products ,both decorative and highly practical creations, from a variety of 50 Greek artists.


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