The Angelides family  launch around 1950 a textile and embroidery industry. The company produces traditional designs of high quality and serves as a supplier for a great number of tourist retail shops in Greece.

Panagiotis Angelidis was taught the art of woven and embroidered in the family business. With further studies in industrial design, marketing and advertising, he started a new company in 1990. “Triiris” produces t-shirt and sweatshirt, incorporating the embroidery for the very first time at the production of a tourist t-shirt.

Furthermore , founded in 1999,  “PACO” is a company which offers a wide range of innovative handmade designs and combines the  traditional and modern trends in t-shirt.

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In the retail shop of Aiolou Str., the customer can find t-shirts and sweatshirts in a wide range of customizable designs for all ages. The t-shirt can be personalize with your name in Greek or your idea.

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16, Aiolou Street, 10556 ,

Athens | Greece

+30 210 323 1501