Maramenos Jewellers characterizes one of the oldest and more traditional workshops of handmade hellenic jewellery, which in accordance with the basic principles of its founders maintains the ancient art of gold, its original Hellenic designs and the quality of the jewellery.

A workshop that is based on the love for the art of gold, on hard work, on professionalism but most importantly reliance when it comes to its clients.


The history of Maramenos family in jewelry starts in 1969, when the silversmith workshop was founded by father Mr. Panagiotis Maramenos. In 1981, the retail shop has opened in the picturesque pedestrian street of Pandrosou, where the  younger representatives of the second generation started their career.

Among the first companies that introduced the high quality and expertise in jewelery, the Maramenos brand continues the  jewelry  tradition with the ancient greek finesse but in modern designs.


Apart from the classical pieces that created the reputation of the house, in Maramenos jewelry there are many options in modern designs of gold and precious  stones.

10428553_808195079205453_8400896362907267918_nDistinctive jewelry collections are:

• Archaic
• Byzantine
• Coins
• Meander
• New creations







Apart from the above collections, referred to as wider style classes , new combinations designed every year, as inspiration in jewelry works freely.


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Maramenos Jewellers 

22, Pandrossou Street, 10556 ,

Athens | Greece

+30 210 32 26095


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