In 1973, Konstantinos Kritselis and Lucas Delis set up Takis Jewelry.

The desire to create unique high-quality jewelry, the love for the Greek civilization and the ancient art of jewelry motivated them to create hand-crafted reproductions of ancient Greek jewelry.

A few years after, consolidated in the jewelry business and their pieces has been worn by people around the world.


In 2009, Panos, Konstantinos’s son, joined the family business and followed his father’s vision and passion. The excellent quality and variety of his designs and the belief that the time has come to make more wearable and enjoyable jewelry brought a new perspective to the company.

Today, Takis Jewelry with Panos Kritselis continues its successful journey, focusing on the present trends and needs, while always being persistent on high quality and having the fullest respect for anyone who decides to make a Greek masterpiece part of its life.

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Takis Jewelry

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