The history of  Chatziperoglou family starts in 1960 by the father, who sold tourist souvenirs in Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, just below the Acropolis. The first products were vases, figurines, and all kinds of souvenirs and traditional musical instruments, as the trend of the times was you could find  everything in the same shop. The business was transferred to Pandrosou in 1970, where the children learned the art of trade , while the company gradually oriented in jewelry.


Nowdays, in Kakadou, the second generation trades aesthetic jewelry suitable for both tourists and Greeks.

In Kakadou you can find:

  • talented young Greek jewelery designers
  • the international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer Pandora Jewelry
  • the prominent Constantina Rozou, which is also part of the team and the excellent jewelery designer Tania Makris
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