At Agora of Pandrossou we strongly believe in the value of collaboration.

Our cluster has developed well founded and significant ties with a series of public and private, non-profit and for-profit organisations.

We believe that together, we can achieve more!

Our supporters are:


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The Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE) is a non-profit organisation that carries out studies and surveys, concerning the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Greek economy.



The City of Athens Cultural Organisation



The City of Athens Νetwork with community groups and NGOs

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The Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is not just a sporting event, a hard race, a tough course of 42,195m. More than that, the Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is a bridge that unifies the legend with history; it showcases the strength of human will; it is a fountain of values, of the social liability, environmental sensitivity, friendship and solidarity.

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Athens and Attica Hotels Association

The AthensAttica Hotel Association was founded in 1932 and since then, continues to offer its valuable services to the Greek tourism industry with full responsibility and in various fields. The Association has  more than 250 active hotel members of all categories, not only in the mainland of Attica but also in the islands of the Saronic gulf.


Wines of Athens

Five notable winemakers have joined forces to create Wines of Athens. In Athens greater area, a wine region with a history which spans 3500 years, they cultivate their vineyards with dedication and vinify with passion, working with both indigenous and international varieties. Their aim is to produce wines of high quality which express the personality and the distinctive characteristics of their vineyards.

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MELIARTOS Around Greece in 365 bites!

Imagine a place where you could taste the best of Greece in one stop! Even more, create it yourself in amusing cooking classes using local quality raw materials! That’s exactly what we offer you at Meliartos.